HD consoles

What should I do if the screen freezes?
Power off the console and then restart.

What should I do if the screen is all black/blue (no signal)?
Unplug the HDMI cable and plug it in again.

What should I do if the game has no audio?
Go back to main menu, and restart the game.

Can I play games with a 3-button Sega controller?
The original Sega 3-button controller is compatible with most games. However, it is incompatible with Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat 3, and Street Fighter II, and some other fighting games. Please use the 6-button wireless/wired controllers to play these games.

What should I do if my 2.4G wireless controllers are not working?
On the main menu, press and hold the MENU (Sega) or SELECT (Atari) button for 5 seconds. The console will reboot in 3 seconds, also resetting the wireless controllers.
*Please make sure paddle controllers are unplugged from the Atari Flashback 8 Gold / Atari Flashback 8 Gold Activision Edition console when you are playing games with 2.4G wireless controllers.

How do I bring up the in-game popup menu with wired controllers?
Sega: Press MENU button on the console.
Atari : Press SELECT button on the console and DOWN on the wired joystick Down simultaneously.

How do I navigate the main menu with wired controllers?
Atari: Press the SELECT or START button on the console to go up or down the menu categories.

How do I save my game?
Press MENU to invoke the in-game popup menu and then press A to save.

Why can’t I rewind or save in Frogger or Space Invaders?
These features are not available in Frogger or Space Invaders.


  • Why is my SD Card not working on my Portable?
  • The SD card you have could be SDHC or SDXC, which are incompatible with our portables. Please use a standard SD card (8GB or smaller).

  • My Portable doesn't recognize the card! What can I do to fix it?
  • Make sure it's formatted properly. Customers have found that the SD Association's Card Formatter Utility produces better results than the built-in utilities in Windows or Mac OS.

  • My Portable isn't reading the list of games on the SD card, or when I select something, it boots me out! What am I doing wrong?
  • You must put the ROM files of the games you own into a folder called “Game” (no quotes).

    Additionally, your ROMs must be unzipped .BIN files, with the following format: the first letter should be a capital letter, followed by all lowercase letters. For example, Gametitlehere.BIN will work, but GAMETITLEHERE.BIN will not. Either a .bin or .BIN suffix should work fine. Place the  ROMs you own into a folder called Game in the root of your 8GB or smaller SD card, and they should be detected by your system.

  • The Atari Flashback Portable looks a lot like the AtGames Sega Genesis/MegaDrive portable. What's different?
  • It's different inside, and the battery isn't user replaceable. The two units share a similar housing, but are not compatible with each other except for standard accessories like the MiniUSB charging cable and the optional AV out cable.

  • Can my Portable play every Atari/Sega ROM ever?
  • No, but it can play a lot of them. Some of them won't be compatible because of 2-player requirements, others are no fun without paddles, and others have technical quirks.

  • What are these “._” files next to my ROMs?
  • You'll likely only see this if your SD card has been in a Macintosh. The ._ files come from Mac OS, and are easily removed with the dotclean utility.

  • My Portable screen is scratched, right out of the box!
  • The portables are shipped with a firmly affixed screen protector. Make sure to peel it off!

  • I want to play my Portable on my television. How do I do that?
  •        There is an AV Out mini-jack port on the top of the unit. You can use that and the appropriate wire to connect your Portable to the AV jacks on your television.

    Value Consoles

  • My TV only has component input, can I still play the value consoles?
  • For most component inputs, the console’s yellow cable may be plugged into the TV’s green jack. The white can go into the LEFT white audio input. For some TVs, the user may have to go into their TV settings and change the input from component to composite. However, most TVs will do this automatically.

  • Any thoughts on why the response time of the game would be slow?
  • That has to do with some older TVs and their respective refresh rates. You may need to enable your televisions “Game Mode” or equivalent to improve performance.

  • What are the best display settings?
  • For plasma & LCD TVs over 32”, adjust to the following:
    Backlight: 100
    Color: 60
    Sharpness: 60
    Brightness: 36
    Contrast: 70
    Aspect Ratio: 4:3

  • Why is there no picture on my TV?
  • Make sure all connections are securely made and your TV is set the the proper A/V input.

  • What are the two controller ports on the console for?
  • Users can use most original Sega or Atari controllers with our products.

  • Can more games be added to my console?
  • In 2017, only our Sega consoles have a built in cartridge slot. You can use this to play additional games via most original cartridges.